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3 November 2020Volume 173, Issue 9
November 3
Original Research
    • Carlos A. Schiavon, MD,  
    • Deepak L. Bhatt, MD, MPH,  
    • Dimas Ikeoka, MD,  
    • Eliana V. Santucci, PT,  
    • Renato Nakagawa Santos, Stat,  
    • Lucas P. Damiani, Stat,  
    • Juliana D. Oliveira, CN,  
    • Rachel Helena V. Machado, CN,  
    • Helio Halpern, MD,  
    • Frederico L.J. Monteiro, MD,  
    • Patricia M. Noujaim, MD,  
    • Ricardo V. Cohen, MD,  
    • Marcio G. de Souza, MD,  
    • Celso Amodeo, MD,  
    • Luiz A. Bortolotto, MD,  
    • Otavio Berwanger, MD,  
    • Alexandre B. Cavalcanti, MD,  and 
    • Luciano F. Drager, MD, PhD
    • Pages:685–693
      • Aristithes G. Doumouras, MD, MPH,  
      • Dennis Hong, MD, MSc,  
      • Yung Lee, MD,  
      • Jean-Eric Tarride, PhD,  
      • J. Michael Paterson, MSc,  and 
      • Mehran Anvari, MD, PhD
      • Pages:694–703
        • Michael T. Lu, MD, MPH,  
        • Vineet K. Raghu, PhD,  
        • Thomas Mayrhofer, PhD,  
        • Hugo J.W.L. Aerts, PhD,  and 
        • Udo Hoffmann, MD, MPH
        • Pages:704–713
          • Nikkil Sudharsanan, PhD,  
          • Oliver Didzun,  
          • Till Bärnighausen, MD,  and 
          • Pascal Geldsetzer, ScD
          • Pages:714–720
            • John J. Riva, DC, MSc,  
            • Salmi T. Noor, BHSc, MSc,  
            • Li Wang, PhD,  
            • Vahid Ashoorion, MD, MSc, PhD,  
            • Farid Foroutan, HBSc, PhD,  
            • Behnam Sadeghirad, PharmD, MPH, PhD,  
            • Rachel Couban, MA, MISt,  and 
            • Jason W. Busse, DC, PhD
            • Pages:721–729
              • Jason W. Busse, DC, PhD,  
              • Behnam Sadeghirad, PharmD, MPH, PhD,  
              • Yvgeniy Oparin, MD,  
              • Eric Chen, HBSc,  
              • Anna Goshua, BHSc,  
              • Curtis May, BKin,  
              • Patrick J. Hong, MD,  
              • Arnav Agarwal, MD,  
              • Yaping Chang, PhD,  
              • Stephanie A. Ross, PhD,  
              • Peter Emary, DC, MSc,  
              • Ivan D. Florez, MD, MSc,  
              • Salmi T. Noor, MSc,  
              • William Yao, BHSc,  
              • Annie Lok, MHE,  
              • Syed Hussain Ali, MD,  
              • Samantha Craigie, MSc,  
              • Rachel Couban, MA, MISt,  
              • Rebecca L. Morgan, MPH, PhD,  
              • Kayli Culig, BHSc,  
              • Sonia Brar, MD,  
              • Khashayar Akbari-Kelachayeh, BHSc,  
              • Alex Pozdnyakov, MD,  
              • Yaad Shergill, DC,  
              • Laxsanaa Sivananthan, HBSc,  
              • Bahareh Zihayat, PharmD,  
              • Aninditee Das, MD,  and 
              • Gordon H. Guyatt, MD, MSc
              • Pages:730–738
              Clinical Guidelines
                • Amir Qaseem, MD, PhD, MHA,  
                • Robert M. McLean, MD,  
                • David O'Gurek, MD,  
                • Pelin Batur, MD,  
                • Kenneth Lin, MD,  and 
                • Devan L. Kansagara, MD, MCR,
                • for the Clinical Guidelines Committee of the American College of Physicians and the Commission on Health of the Public and Science of the American Academy of Family Physicians
                • Pages:739–748
                Ideas and Opinions
                  • Nhu Quyen Dau, PharmD, BCCP,  
                  • Harry Peled, MD,  
                  • Helen Lau, RN, MHROD, BSN,  
                  • Julie Lyou, MD,  and 
                  • Claudia Skinner, DNP
                  • Pages:749–751
                    • Jean Olivier Twahirwa Rwema, MD, MPH,  
                    • Daouda Diouf, MSc,  
                    • Nancy Phaswana-Mafuya, PhD,  
                    • Jean Christophe Rusatira, MD, MPH,  
                    • Alain Manouan, MSc,  
                    • Emelyne Uwizeye, BSc,  
                    • Fatou M. Drame, PhD,  
                    • Ubald Tamoufe, MPH, MSc,  and 
                    • Stefan David Baral, MD, MPH
                    • Pages:752–753
                      • Anica C. Law, MD, MS,  
                      • Gary E. Weissman, MD, MSHP,  and 
                      • Theodore J. Iwashyna, MD, PhD,
                      • on behalf of the Pulmonary Critical Care Anti-Racism Working Group
                      • Pages:754–755
                        • Tom Harkin and 
                        • Lyndi Buckingham-Schutt, PhD, RDN, LD
                        • Pages:756–757
                          • Christina C. Wee, MD, MPH, Deputy Editor
                          • Pages:758–759
                            • David N. Fisman, MD, MPH,  
                            • Amy L. Greer, PhD, MSc,  and 
                            • Ashleigh R. Tuite, PhD, MPH
                            • Pages:762–763
                            Chylomicronemia From GPIHBP1 Autoantibodies Successfully Treated With Rituximab: A Case Report
                            Rivaroxaban Plasma Levels and Levetiracetam
                            Update Alert 4: Risks and Impact of Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitors or Angiotensin-Receptor Blockers on SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Adults
                            Worldwide Effect of COVID-19 on Physical Activity: A Descriptive Study
                            Risk for Severe COVID-19 Illness Among Teachers and Adults Living With School-Aged Children
                            In the Clinic
                              • Arthur Robin Williams, MD, MBE and 
                              • Kevin P. Hill, MD, MHS
                              • Pages:ITC65–ITC80
                              Web Exclusives
                                • Grace E. Farris, MD
                                • Pages:W145–W146
                                  • Christine Laine, MD, MPH
                                  • Page:ED9
                                    • Robert M. Centor, MD and 
                                    • Ashwini R. Sehgal, MD
                                    • Page:OC1