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1 September 2020Volume 173, Issue 5
September 1
Original Research
    • Tsung-Chieh Yao, MD, PhD,  
    • Ya-Wen Huang, MS,  
    • Sheng-Mao Chang, PhD,  
    • Shun-Yu Tsai, BS,  
    • Ann Chen Wu, MD, MPH,  and 
    • Hui-Ju Tsai, MPH, PhD
    • Pages:325–330
      • Jennifer M. Yeh, PhD,  
      • Kathryn P. Lowry, MD,  
      • Clyde B. Schechter, MD,  
      • Lisa R. Diller, MD,  
      • Oguzhan Alagoz, PhD,  
      • Gregory T. Armstrong, MD, MSCE,  
      • John M. Hampton, MS,  
      • Wendy Leisenring, ScD,  
      • Qi Liu, MSc,  
      • Jeanne S. Mandelblatt, MD, MPH,  
      • Diana L. Miglioretti, PhD,  
      • Chaya S. Moskowitz, PhD,  
      • Kevin C. Oeffinger, MD,  
      • Amy Trentham-Dietz, PhD,  and 
      • Natasha K. Stout, PhD
      • Pages:331–341
        • Ali Rowhani-Rahbar, MD, MPH, PhD,  
        • M. Alex Bellenger, MA, MPA,  
        • Lauren Gibb, MPH,  
        • Heather Chesnut, BA,  
        • Madison Lowry-Schiller,  
        • Emma Gause, BA,  
        • Miriam J. Haviland, MSPH, PhD,  and 
        • Frederick P. Rivara, MD, MPH
        • Pages:342–349
          • Sigurd F. Lax, MD, PhD,  
          • Kristijan Skok, MD,  
          • Peter Zechner, MD,  
          • Harald H. Kessler, MD, PhD,  
          • Norbert Kaufmann, MD,  
          • Camillo Koelblinger, MD,  
          • Klaus Vander, MD,  
          • Ute Bargfrieder, MD,  and 
          • Michael Trauner, MD, PhD
          • Pages:350–361
            • Daniel P. Oran, AM and 
            • Eric J. Topol, MD
            • Pages:362–367
            Research and Reporting Methods
              • Bo Huang, PhD,  
              • Lu Tian, ScD,  
              • Zachary R. McCaw, PhD,  
              • Xiaodong Luo, PhD,  
              • Enayet Talukder, PhD,  
              • Mace Rothenberg, MD,  
              • Wanling Xie, MS,  
              • Toni K. Choueiri, MD,  
              • Dae Hyun Kim, MD, ScD,  and 
              • Lee-Jen Wei, PhD
              • Pages:368–374
              History of Medicine
                • Hans-Georg Hofer, PhD,  
                • Ralf Forsbach, PhD,  and 
                • Ulrich R. Fölsch, MD
                • Pages:375–379
                Ideas and Opinions
                  • Heather E. Gantzer, MD,  
                  • Brian L. Block, MD,  
                  • Lacy C. Hobgood, MD,  and 
                  • Janice Tufte
                  • Pages:380–382
                    • Yasir Hamad, MD,  
                    • Karen E. Joynt Maddox, MD, MPH,  and 
                    • William G. Powderly, MD
                    • Pages:383–384
                      • Primavera A. Spagnolo, MD, PhD,  
                      • JoAnn E. Manson, MD, DrPH,  and 
                      • Hadine Joffe, MD, MSc
                      • Pages:385–386
                        • Jack L. Turban, MD, MHS,  
                        • Alex S. Keuroghlian, MD, MPH,  and 
                        • Kenneth H. Mayer, MD
                        • Pages:387–389
                          • Beth I. Wallace, MD, MSc and 
                          • Akbar K. Waljee, MD
                          • Pages:390–391
                            • Shannon Frattaroli, PhD, MPH and 
                            • Nathan A. Irvin, MD, MSHPR
                            • Pages:392–393
                            On Being a Doctor
                              • Samuel C. Durso, MD, MBA
                              • Pages:399–400
                                • Sophia R. Yapalater, BA
                                • Page:401
                                Inflammatory Response Cells During Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome in Patients With Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
                                The Effect of Liraglutide on β-Blockade for Preventing Variceal Bleeding: A Case Series
                                Clinician Education and Adoption of Preventive Measures for COVID-19: A Survey of a Convenience Sample of General Practitioners in Lombardy, Italy
                                Estimating the Maximum Capacity of COVID-19 Cases Manageable per Day Given a Health Care System's Constrained Resources
                                Health Insurance Status and Risk Factors for Poor Outcomes With COVID-19 Among U.S. Health Care Workers: A Cross-Sectional Study
                                Opioid Prescribing After Childbirth and Risk for Serious Opioid-Related Events: A Cohort Study
                                Update Alert: Masks for Prevention of Respiratory Virus Infections, Including SARS-CoV-2, in Health Care and Community Settings
                                Update Alert 2: Risks and Impact of Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitors or Angiotensin-Receptor Blockers on SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Adults
                                Update Alert 2: Should Clinicians Use Chloroquine or Hydroxychloroquine Alone or in Combination With Azithromycin for the Prophylaxis or Treatment of COVID-19? Living Practice Points From the American College of Physicians
                                Ad Libitum
                                  • Marcia Glass, MD, BA
                                  • Page:341
                                    • Michelle M. Kittleson, MD, PhD
                                    • Page:400
                                      • Kathleen M. McKillip, MD
                                      • Page:416
                                      In the Clinic
                                        • David E. Kaplan, MD, MSc
                                        • Pages:ITC33–ITC48
                                        Web Exclusives
                                          • Matthew S. Krantz, MD
                                          • Pages:W84–W85
                                            • Darren B. Taichman, MD, PhD
                                            • Page:ED5
                                              • Robert M. Centor, MD and 
                                              • Franco R. D’Alessio, MD
                                              • Page:OC1