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7 February 2006Volume 144, Issue 3
    • Pierre-Marie Roy, MD, PhD,  
    • Guy Meyer, MD,  
    • Bruno Vielle, MD, PhD,  
    • Catherine Le Gall, MD,  
    • Franck Verschuren, MD,  
    • Françoise Carpentier, MD,  
    • Philippe Leveau, MD,  and 
    • Alain Furber, MD, PhD,
    • for the EMDEPU Study Group*
    • Pages:157–164
      • Grégoire Le Gal, MD,  
      • Marc Righini, MD,  
      • Pierre-Marie Roy, MD,  
      • Olivier Sanchez, MD,  
      • Drahomir Aujesky, MD, MSc,  
      • Henri Bounameaux, MD,  and 
      • Arnaud Perrier, MD
      • Pages:165–171
        • Mahboob Rahman, MD, MS,  
        • Sara Pressel, MS,  
        • Barry R. Davis, MD, PhD,  
        • Chuke Nwachuku, MA, MPH, DrPH,  
        • Jackson T. Wright Jr., MD, PhD,  
        • Paul K. Whelton, MD, MSc,  
        • Joshua Barzilay, MD,  
        • Vecihi Batuman, MD,  
        • John H. Eckfeldt, MD, PhD,  
        • Michael A. Farber, MD,  
        • Stanley Franklin, MD,  
        • Mario Henriquez, MD,  
        • Nelson Kopyt, DO,  
        • Gail T. Louis, RN,  
        • Mohammad Saklayen, MD,  
        • Carole Stanford, MD,  
        • Candace Walworth, MD,  
        • Harry Ward, MD,  and 
        • Thomas Wiegmann, MD,
        • for the ALLHAT Collaborative Research Group*
        • Pages:172–180
          • Elaine M. Sloand, MD,  
          • Phillip Scheinberg, MD,  
          • Jaroslaw Maciejewski, MD,  and 
          • Neal S. Young, MD
          • Pages:181–185
            • Jeff M. Sands, MD and 
            • Daniel G. Bichet, MD
            • Pages:186–194
              • Jeffrey G. Wiese, MD and 
              • Russell L. Holman, MD
              • Pages:195–200
              Academia and Clinic
                • Harold C. Sox, MD, Editor
                • Pages:210–212
                  • Andrew S. Levey, MD and 
                  • Katrin Uhlig, MD, MS
                  • Pages:213–215
                  On Being a Doctor
                    • Dean Gianakos, MD
                    • Page:216
                      • Michael Aylward, MD
                      • Page:217
                      Acute Exacerbations in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
                      Quality of Care for Vulnerable Older Patients
                      The Pitfalls of Introducing Electronic Medical Records
                      Presentation of Diagnostic Test Accuracy
                      Thyrotoxicosis as a Risk Factor for Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
                      Liver Transplantation in HIV-Seropositive Individuals
                      Savings from Canadian Internet Pharmacies Are Limited
                      Undisclosed Conflicts of Interest
                      Regression of Cutaneous and Gastrointestinal Telangiectasia with Sirolimus and Aspirin in a Patient with Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia
                      Medical Writings: Book Notes
                        • Michael Benatar, MBChB, MS, DPhil
                        • Page:228